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Baby Illiger Macaws

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Common names include: Blue-winged Macaw, Illiger’s Macaws, Mini Macaw

The Illiger's Macaw is a small macaw with a bright green plumage. Its crown is blue and there are greenish-blues on the the head, nape, and cheeks. The naked facial area is a pale yellow with fine feather lines. There is a red patch on the forehead, lower back, and the mid-belly.

Illiger's Macaws are lovable, friendly, and intelligent. They will affectionately greet you with a crow-like call when anticipating interaction with you.

Our babies are kept with the parents until 3 weeks old. Then they are pulled from the nest and hand fed in a loving home environment. They are given lots of attention and are well socialized. At 15-16 weeks depending on the individual bird they will be fully weaned to a ZuPreem pellet diet with vegetables fruits and nuts, never a seed diet.

Your baby has been DNA sexed and will come home with a completed Psittacosis and PBFD test. Please email ( or call (305-345-3391) if you are interested in having one of our Illiger Macaws become a member of your family.