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Baby Illiger Macaws

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Common names include: Blue-winged Macaw, Illiger’s Macaws, Mini Macaw

The Illiger's Macaw is a small macaw with a bright green plumage. Its crown is blue and there are greenish-blues on the the head, nape, and cheeks. The naked facial area is a pale yellow with fine feather lines. There is a red patch on the forehead, lower back, and the mid-belly.

Illiger's Macaws are lovable, friendly, and intelligent. They will affectionately greet you with a crow-like call when anticipating interaction with you.

Our babies are kept with the parents until 3 weeks old. Then they are pulled from the nest and hand fed in a loving home environment. They are given lots of attention and are well socialized. They are never force fed which is done in "baby-bird mills." At 15-16 weeks depending on the individual bird they will be fully weaned to a ZuPreem pellet diet with vegetables fruits and nuts, never a seed diet.

Your baby has been DNA sexed and will come home with a completed Psittacosis and PBFD test, he will also have his wings and nailed clipped. Every baby hatched has been allowed to fledge and develop good flight skills before their wings are clipped. This is important for the babies emotional well being.

Please email ( or call (305-345-3391) if you are interested in having one of our Illiger Macaws become a member of your family.