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About Us

About Us

When you decide to get your new feathered friend from Feather Headz you can rest assured that your baby bird has been properly cared for and well loved.

We are a small aviary and treat our birds like family. We ensure our baby birds have been fully weaned to a pellet and veggie diet with a few fruits and seeds mixed in. Our babies have also taken their first flight before having their wings clipped which is an important step in becoming a well adjusted bird. Your baby has stayed with the parents until 3 weeks of age, which at that point we pull them from the nest. The hand feeding then begins, feedings start out every 2 hours. The time between feedings gradually increases over the course of several months until the baby is fully weaned. Over the course of several months the babies grow rapidly. They need to be exposed to variety such as children, pets, sounds and able to explore so they can grow up to be a well rounded adult.

At Feather Headz we love each of our birds and we ensure that each baby is properly placed with its forever home. You will receive a health certificate with your new baby. We DNA test in case your have a preference of male or female. We also test for all diseases so you can rest assured your baby will be healthy.

A Healthy Dinner for Healthy Birds